Levi Norwood Perfect Complement to Antwan Goodley for Baylor Bears in 2014

By Tyler Brett
levi norwood
Tim Heitman – USA TODAY Sports

The Baylor Bears figure to have one of the best offensive attacks in the country once again in 2014 thanks to the return of quarterback Bryce Petty and No. 1 receiver Antwan Goodley. There’s no doubt that Petty and Goodley make up one of the most prolific duos in college football this season, but the Bears will need some other playmakers to emerge to take some pressure (and defensive attention) away from their star pass-catcher. Can senior Levi Norwood step up to the plate and be the perfect complement in the passing game?

Norwood is no stranger to stepping up when his number is called. When Tevin Reese went down with an injury, it was Norwood who stepped up and took his place, keeping the Baylor offense from missing a beat while he was out. He finished the second on the team with 47 receptions for 733 yards and eight touchdowns. The 6-foot-1, 196-pound slot receiver was a constant threat to break a big play, evidenced by the two punt returns for touchdown in 2013.

With both Goodley and Norwood playing at a high level, the Baylor aerial attack will once again be difficult to contain. Norwood’s ability to make plays in space with the ball in his hands makes him a dangerous asset for an already stacked Baylor offense. Having him emerge as a consistent target like he did in 2013 forces opposing defenses to take their eyes off Goodley. If they stretch themselves to try and take away both Goodley and Norwood, then one of the other dangerous offensive playmakers can get some breathing room to break a big play.

A great offense can’t become one-dimensional or rely too heavily on just one player to get things going. Baylor’s top talent is second-to-none in the Big 12, but it will be complementing that talent with playmakers like Levi Norwood that give the Bears a legitimate shot at defending their conference title this fall.

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