Oklahoma Sooners Abusing “Run-Off” Rule to get Dorial Green-Beckham Eligible

By Tyler Brett
bob stoops
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The Oklahoma Sooners have one of the most talented teams in the country this fall and have been picked by many to win the Big 12 and secure a spot in the College Football Playoff. That didn’t stop Bob Stoops from taking on some extra talent with some baggage when he brought in Dorial Green-Beckham following the former five-star recruit’s dismissal from the Missouri Tigers. While the move appeared questionable to many, as DGB is expected to declare for the NFL Draft before the 2015 season when most 2014 transfers would be eligible, Oklahoma now says they are confident they will get Green-Beckham eligible immediately using a “run-off” waiver from the NCAA. If they do, it will be a complete mockery of the system and an abuse of the waiver.

The NCAA created the “run-off” waiver a few years ago to benefit players who lost their scholarship or were forced from a program for reasons outside of their control. In theory, this would help players who lost their scholarship because a team oversigned a recruiting class, for example, continue their collegiate career without being punished for a team’s recklessness with their roster. Oklahoma has said they feel Dorial Green-Beckham falls under this category, as a player forced from his team for reasons outside of his control, because he was never formally charged in the incident that ultimately led to his dismissal at Missouri.

But DGB’s dismissal came from actions DIRECTLY under his control. Missouri had struggled to keep their talented receiver out of trouble off the field. He had multiple run-ins for marijuana possession before being investigated for breaking into a woman’s apartment and pushing her down a flight of stairs, allegedly, while looking for his girlfriend. All of it added up to misconduct that Missouri was no longer willing to tolerate, leading to DGB’s dismissal. His behavior directly led to the team cutting ties.

And if Dorial Green-Beckham’s own behavior and decision-making is outside of his control, then he has much bigger issues than playing football. Oklahoma is preparing to appeal the receiver having to sit out the 2014 season, as most transfers do, which would put the Sooners over the top in the chase for a national title. But in so doing, they would completely absolve DGB from any responsibility for the poor decision-making that led to his dismissal from Missouri and completely undermine the integrity of the transfer process, or at least what little there remains of it.

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