Air Force Falcons Football: Scandal Puts Reputation At Stake Regardless Of Penalties

By James Carnes
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Penn State, Ohio State, USC, Miami  Air Force?

According to a report by the Colorado Springs Gazette, the Air Force Superintendent has asked a U.S. Inspector General to investigate the Air Force’s athletic department due to a large outbreak of broken rules in the Air Force Honor Code.

Some of the rules broken might seem like normal violations that every college has, but the Air Force has a strict Honor Code that has even gotten players kicked off the team and out of the Academy. The report states that some of the actions were because of high illegal drug use, sexual assaults, and academic cheating spanning from the 2010-2013 athletic seasons. In the duration, four Air Force football players, three male basketball players and one female basketball player have been dismissed.

Many accounts stated that there had been numerous parties on the Air Force base, with athletes and cadets using marijuana, drinking heavily and using date rape drugs on women. One special investigator stated that some athletes were threatening women if they spoke about such parties.

Air Force Academy Superintendent Lt. Gen. Michelle Johnson said, “This past behavior was troubling and suggested certain subcultures that were inconsistent with the culture of commitment and climate of respect we work hard to uphold. In part, recognition of this prior misconduct has caused us to refocus on our culture and climate.

Football Head Coach Troy Calhoun, who has been the coach during the entire span of the investigation, stated that “If you’re an enabler in any way, if you’re tolerating — that’s out of line. You’re not going to work here.”

Air Force might not get any penalties from the NCAA like in the Sandusky Penn State case, the tattoo case at Ohio State or the recruiting violations of USC, but it definitely could tarnish the Air Force’s reputation as the “leaders of tomorrow” and could put a new light on how people view the athletic department at the Air Force Academy.

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