Charlie Weis Isn't The Right Coach To Turn Kansas Jayhawks Around

By Dan Kelley
Charlie Weis Kansas
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Charlie Weis is not a good head football coach, which seems to be obvious at this point. Perhaps if Weis was working as the offensive coordinator for the Kansas Jayhawks, rather than the head coach, the Jayhawks might have some hope of turning things around.

But they don’t — at least not in 2014, and probably not until Weis has moved on.

Think about it. This is a coach who couldn’t win big with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, and all the resources that accompany that job. The Fighting Irish were mostly average and often bad during Weis’ tenure. After two decent seasons, where Weis largely relied on the talent he inherited, the Irish fell off a cliff in his third year, going 3-9.

Weis was the coach of a program that practically recruits itself, and he couldn’t get the right guys to make his vision work.

At Kansas, he has few of the perks he enjoyed as the coach of Notre Dame. Kansas can’t recruit itself. It’s a program so overlooked, people almost forget they even play football there. Even among power conference “basketball schools,” the Jayhawks land right near the bottom, looking up at programs like the Duke Blue Devils, the Syracuse Orange, and even the Kentucky Wildcats.

In the past two seasons, Weis’ recruiting classes have landed right around No. 50 nationally in 247 Sports’ composite rankings. So far in the 2015 recruiting class, the Jayhawks are No. 57.

The Jayhawks won three games last year, which was hailed as progress for that program, mostly based on their win over the West Virginia Mountaineers. West Virginia, however, won only four games last season. Kansas’ other two wins came against the South Dakota Coyotes and the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs. If there is a lesson here, it would seem to be that you can make “progress” simply by scheduling bad teams.

Weis may have seemed like a decent hire a couple years ago, mostly based on his name recognition. That was about all he had going for him though. In theory, he might have had a better chance on the recruiting trail than some unknown assistant, but that hasn’t really panned out.

Heading into the 2014 season, Weis seems to have very little chance of turning the Kansas football program around. Another 2-3 win season is probably the most likely outcome. However, Weis probably isn’t coaching for his job yet. Perhaps he should be.

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