Michigan WR Csont'e York Punches Man, Brady Hoke Should Kick Him Off Team

By RantSports Staff
Michigan football
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

A video was released by Ann Arbor police of Michigan WR Csont’e York punching another man outside of an Ann Arbor bar.

York was suspended by the team earlier this summer, and the reason for the suspension was unclear. When head coach Brady Hoke released his statement about York being suspended it was a result of him “failing to meet team standards,” according to mlive.com.

After seeing this video, I would definitely have to agree that York failed to meet team standards. He straight up punched a guy in the face when he wasn’t even looking. The man dropped right to the ground.

Michigan does not need players like this. No football team needs players like this. I understand that people argue with one another and fights break out, but this is completely unacceptable. Programs like Michigan need to make examples out of people like York.

A suspension was a good start, but I would go a step further by kicking York off the team. Just take a look at this video and decide for yourself.

The worst part about this is York fled the scene. As if punching the guy wasn’t enough. Luckily, York was caught and justice is being served.

The Wolverines won’t be bringing in their best team of all time when the 2014-15 college football season starts, but they should compete in the Big Ten anyways. Who knows if York will be taking the field with his team, but at the very least, hopefully he has learned his lesson and doesn’t make a similar mistake in the future.

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