Arizona State Lineman Chip Sarafin Shows Bravery By Coming Out as Gay

By RantSports Staff


Arizona State football
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Arizona State lineman Chip Sarafin is making headlines today for all the right reasons.

The Sun Devil told Compete Magazine that he is gay, according to

It wasn’t long ago when Michael Sam made the same announcement and it probably won’t be long from now until another player does the same.

It is important to note that Sarafin is the first active college football player to come out to the public. This is big news for the college football world, and sports in general, because it shows other athletes that they should be comfortable with their sexuality.

This will likely pave the way for other athletes to come out. It probably isn’t easy to come out when you play a sport like football. Not to mention, Sarafin plays for a Division I school. Clearly, Sarafin is a brave man.

Sarafin may be the first college football player to come out, but he will not be the last.

Sam, being the good person that he is, reached out to Sarafin through Twitter.

The Arizona State Sun Devils will enter the season as a serious threat to win the Pac-12 title. Unfortuelty, they will have to go up against the likes of Oregon, Stanford, UCLA and others.

Sarafin should become a fan favorite after this news. The man has shown a great amount of courage, like Sam said, and is a blessing to his football team.

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