Former QB Vince Young Is Going Back to the Texas Longhorns

By RantSports Staff
Vince Young Texas
Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Vince Young was once a very promising quarterback in the NFL. He has certainly had his troubles since entering the league, but seems to be finally putting it all together again. In fact, the former Longhorn will be returning to Texas for a job.

According to, the school hired Young to work for its Division of Diversity and Community Engagement.

Although I am sure fans would love to see Young playing in the NFL once again, who knows if that will ever happen. Young needed work, though.

If you aren’t going to play football anymore, then why not work for the university you made memories at? I’m sure Young planned on being an NFL quarterback for his entire career, but it didn’t happen like that.

Now, at least he will get to make a big difference at Texas, and make a nice little paycheck in the process.

According to, Young will make $100,000 a year at his new position.

As I am sure every Texas fan is well aware of, and USC fans, Young led the Longhorns to a national title in 2005. A lot has happened to this program ever since that victory. For one, Mack Brown is no longer the head coach. For two, Texas hasn’t exactly been as competitive as it has been in recent years.

Luckily, Charlie Strong was hired on. The program has been getting plenty of attention since his hire.

Whether the case, Young is back at Texas and that is good news for everyone involved.

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