UCLA Bruins Football: Player GPS Helping To Keep Program On Track

By Jeff Hauser
Pierre Aguirre-USA TODAY Sports
Pierre Aguirre-USA TODAY Sports

The global positioning system is no longer used just for navigating your car. As it turns out, the high-tech device is being used to monitor the on-field performance of 15 college football teams, including the UCLA Bruins. A select few of the UCLA players are having their progress tracked in practice and an individual record of their workout is kept.

This is an innovative step in the progress of all sports, not just college football. The results from GPS tracking have been reported to show a player’s prime time in a workout and when the player needs time for recovery. This is a huge advantage for the Bruins’ coaches, allowing them to work with a player on individual needs while tracking progress of an entire group.

“It helps us get a feel for peak speed. We (coaches) can tell if a guy’s speed is dropping during practice,” head coach Jim Mora said about having the Bruins’ players tracked.

The possibilities for this technology are endless, giving an accurate determination on a players work through more than just coaches prospective. UCLA will notice improvements in the quality of practice for the Bruins by protecting players from injuries that can be avoided. The UCLA medical staff can also be able to determine if a player is slowing down due to a possible concussion.

In the near future, GPS tracking of players will be used games to determine how a player goes full speed with contact. This will become another scientific method that players will benefit from and coaches will use effectively toward the development of players. With individual workout plans being the result from GPS tracking, the Bruins will become a team that performs more efficiently on the field.

There are currently 15 college football teams using GPS tracking as part of their training, including national champion Florida State Seminoles, LSU Tigers, Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Oregon Ducks, just to name a few. Other teams in the NFL, NBA and MLS are using the advanced training method as well.

The Bruins opening the season on the road on Aug. 30 against the Virginia Cavaliers.

Jeff Hauser is a contributing writer for RantSports.com and a member of the Football Writers Association of America. Follow him on Twitter @radiohauser.

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