Louisville Football: Bobby Petrino-Todd Grantham Feud Rumor Not Surprising

By Brandon Daniel
Louisville Football: Bobby Petrino, Todd Grantham Feud Rumor Not Surprising
Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

One of the most perplexing offseason moves in college football was Bobby Petrino and the Louisville Cardinals handing former Georgia Bulldogs defensive coordinator Todd Grantham a five-year, $5 million contract. Not only has Grantham never proven he’s worth that kind of money, but having these two coaches on the same staff seemed challenging at best, and volatile at worst.

Rumors are flying around that Petrino and Grantham are at odds to the point that, if not for his huge contract, Petrino would have already canned Grantham. That’s not exactly the way you want to enter a season, especially your first in a new, more competitive conference.

Neither of these former SEC coaches have proven to be men of high character. Long before his affair, Petrino had a reputation for being hard to get a long with. From his multiple flirtations with jobs, to abandoning the Atlanta Falcons in the middle of the night, many already held the offensive guru in low regard. The affair was just the icing on the cake.

Grantham had one good season as DC for the Bulldogs, but is known more for making choke symbols at a college kid and trying to fight former Vanderbilt Commodores coach James Franklin after a game than good defensive coaching. He, like Petrino, hasn’t endeared himself to players, and was proven to be classless by sending backhanded insults at his former employer and boss when hired at Louisville.

No one in the Georgia program has batted an eyelash since he left.

How Cardinals AD Tom Jurich could have thought this marriage was going to go well is beyond any sane thinking. Both coaches have a proven track record of being difficult, unstable and untrustworthy. Whatever the truth is behind this rumor, something was always going to happen to cause a stir, and PR was always going to be a nightmare with these two on staff.

If there is any truth to this rumor, the next few seasons could be long and unpleasant for the Cardinals. For better or for worse, Petrino and Grantham are tied to one another. The only medicine will be to win now and win often. Time will tell how much there is to this rumor, but one things is for certain: fans all over the states of Georgia and Arkansas are grinning from ear to ear.

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