RantSports College Football Rankings: No. 1 Florida State Seminoles

By RantSports Staff
Florida State Football 2014
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The Florida State Seminoles are coming off of a great season. For one, QB Jameis Winston won the Heisman. For two, the Seminoles won the final BCS championship game. Not to mention, it was against an SEC team.

Luckily for Florida State fans, Winston is back and the team is talented enough to repeat. Unlike seasons in the past, where basically only two teams got a shot at the title at season’s end, there will finally be a playoff in college football. The name for it? The College Football Playoff.

Repeating will not be easy, though. The Seminoles will have a huge target on their backs all season long, and they will have their hands full against plenty of great teams.


Once again, the Jameis Winston is returning. Last year, he managed to throw for 4,057 yards, 40 touchdowns and just 10 interceptions. He also had 219 yards on the ground and four more TDs.

Every great quarterback needs a great offensive line, and that is exactly what Winston will have in the upcoming season as the offensive line will be filled with seniors.

The Seminoles will also have a very capable running back in Karlos Williams, a great receiver in Rashad Greene and an elite tight end in Nick O’Leary. Williams was not the No. 1 back last season, but he did rush for 730 yards and 11 TDs. He could have a monster season now that he is the No. 1 back.

Greene is coming off of a season where he had 1,128 yards and nine TDs. O’Leary had 557 yards and seven TDs in 2013. So, Winston will have great players to throw to, a solid RB to dish the ball off to and a great offensive line to protect him.


The Seminoles lose some studs on the defensive side of the ball, but enough talent is coming back to help make Florida State one of the most complete teams in the nation.

FSU will likely have the best secondary coming into the season, and the defensive line won’t be too far behind. For what it’s worth, the team only gave up 12.1 points per game last season. No big deal; that was only good enough for No. 1 in the nation.


Not only do the Florida State Seminoles arguably have the best roster in the nation, but they will also have a very manageable schedule. The Seminoles will be challenged in the ACC, but they have undefeated season written all over them.

Toughest Games: Aug. 30 vs. Oklahoma State, Sept. 20 vs. Clemson, Oct. 18 vs. Notre Dame, Oct. 30 @Louisville, Nov. 15 @Miami, Nov. 29 vs. Florida.

Once again, Florida State has a very manageable schedule. Coming off of a monster year, it would be a surprise if someone was able to knock off the Seminoles. There are some opponents that could knock them off, but that remains to be seen.

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