Pac-12 Football: The Time Has Come

By Matt Heinz
Marcus Mariota Oregon
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

“My team is better than your team!” “You’re an idiot, my team is way better!” Is anyone else sick of resorting to trash talking to their opposing fans?

The Pac-12 schedule is officially starting this Thursday with Arizona State, Washington State and Utah all opening up their 2014 seasons. The reason why college football is so great is the loyalty the fans have for their beloved teams. It doesn’t matter who the player or who the coach is, the die-hard fan follows their college team through thick and thin.

Goodbye Twitter trash-talking, hello actual on-field play. Everyone has an opinion about how good their team is and how bad their rival is, but the scoreboard doesn’t lie (though Wisconsin fans may have an argument otherwise).

2014 in the Pac-12 is being called “the year of the quarterback,” and rightfully so as the conference is loaded with experienced signal callers. Not only are the quarterbacks loaded, but the coaching staffs are as well. The conference got rid of a terrible coach in Lane Kiffin and added one of the most sought-after coaches ever in Chris PetersonWashington is one of two schools without their quarterback returning, but adding Peterson is a home run for the Huskies.

Finally, we get to see how good our favorite teams are — ON THE FIELD! No more listening to random fans with no credibility. It’s time to grab your lucky jersey, your favorite snack and a cold beverage; college football is back and the Pac-12 is stacked!

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