USC Star Josh Shaw Sacrifices Self to Save Family Member

By Kareem Gantt
Josh Shaw, USC
Getty Images

I will say this off the bat, we need more Josh Shaw’s in the world. We need more people who will go out of their way to help out, and save others.

That’s exactly what the USC Trojans star did when he was attending a family function on Sunday, when he spotted his seven-year-old nephew in dire need. He saw his nephew struggling to swim in the nearby pool, and using his instincts, he jumped from a second-floor balcony onto the concrete and crawled into the pool to rescue his nephew.

This is a beautiful story of a player saving the life of one of his family members, but that rescue came at a price. He suffered a pair of high ankle sprains, which was probably due to his leap off the balcony, and for his heroic efforts, he is now sidelined indefinitely.

This comes as a bummer to Trojan fans, as Shaw was slated to be a major part of the USC defense this season after appearing in all 14 games in 2013. This will put a strain on the Trojans secondary, as Shaw will probably miss a significant amount of the 2014 season because of his selfless act.

But that does not mean Trojan fans should wallow in sadness. We should celebrate the fact that Shaw was willing to risk his season to help out another person, especially a family member. And just in case you are wondering, Shaw said that he would do it again, and is working to get his sore ankles into game shape.

Shaw is a player all people should take after. It’s just a shame it could cost him a big chunk of playing time.

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