Could USC CB Josh Shaw's Feel-Good Story be a Fairy Tale?

By Kareem Gantt
Josh Shaw, USC
Getty Images

Last night, we were feeling all warm inside when the story emerged that USC Trojan’s star Josh Shaw had lept off of a second-floor balcony, injuring himself, to save his seven-year-old nephew from drowning.

It was a feel-good story for everyone who read it. It certainly restored some faith in humanity for me. But today, rumors are surfacing that the high ankle sprain that could cost him a majority of the upcoming college football season, may not have come from saving his nephew.

According to RotoworldUSC head coach Steve Sarkisian said that ever since the news of Shaw’s heroic act broke, the school has been receiving phone calls that contradict the defensive back’s story. The story wrote:

“I heard late last night doubts within the program over Josh Shaw’s story. Sources told me (the) incident did not involve (the) family party or rescuing (the) nephew from (the) pool. USC investigating.”

Please say this isn’t so? After weeks of hearing about ISIS and the Ferguson riots, Americans are begging to hear some good news. So you could sense the excitement we had when we heard about a football player risking his own season to save his nephew. Now we hear that his injury may have been caused by this:

If this story turns out to be fabricated, this would crush us. Don’t believe me? Check out the following tweets:


The last tweet summed up my reaction to the news. If this is true that Shaw created a fairy tale to try to cover up running from the cops, he should be suspended for the rest of the season. Point blank.

Now I don’t feel so fuzzy inside anymore.

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