North Carolina Football Once Again Plagued By Embarrassing Scandal

By Kareem Gantt


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The North Carolina football program just can’t get enough of being in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

The football program confirmed to Yahoo! Sports that the athletics department was investigating an incident at training camp in which players were involved in an alleged hazing that escalated into a group assault on a teammate.

It’s safe to say that the UNC football program is troubled. Their last national embarrassment came in the form of an academics scandal that put the program on NCAA probation for two years. Now, the program is at the wrong end of the news again, and maybe it’s time for the University to clean out the program. I have nothing against hazing, but once it escalates into actual physical assault, that’s when I begin to have a problem.

The players who assaulted walk-on wide receiver Jackson Boyer knew full well the University’s policy on hazing. UNC outright prohibits it, and to that end, the players who were involved in beating up Boyer should be suspended indefinitely.

I will even take it a step further. I think that criminal investigations should be launched. Yep, that’s right, let’s get the police involved, because what those players did was a crime and should be treated as such.

The “hazing” incident is just another stain that UNC football really does not need. Their upcoming season was going to be promising. Now, the hazing scandal will hang over the program like yet another black cloud.

It’s time to clean up UNC football.

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