Anthony Brown Quits USC Football Team, Calls Steve Sarkisian a Racist

By RantSports Staff
Steve Sarkisian
Getty Images

It hasn’t been the greatest of weeks for USC football. First there was the big lie told by Josh Shaw in regards to his ankle injury, which has landed the DB an indefinite suspension from the team.

Now, Steve Sarkisian has been called a racist. The claim comes via Anthony Brown, a running back who just quit the team. Here’s an Instagram post from Brown, which of course has since been deleted:

Sarkisian refuted the claim that he’s a racist in a comment made to ESPN: “It’s ridiculous. Any of you guys that know me, ask any of our players. That’s the furthest thing from the truth. I had encouraged him (Brown) to play. I thought he could play. I didn’t want him to quit.”

Antwaun Woods has also come to coach Sark’s defense:

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