Josh Shaw Disgraced Himself, USC In Hero Hoax

By Kareem Gantt
Josh Shaw
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So it turned out to be all a lie. A pointless, gutless lie that fooled a whole nation that has been waiting anxiously for a feel good story.

On Monday, I wrote a gushingly heartwarming piece about how we needed more Josh Shaws in this country. We need more people who were willing to put themselves aside to aid others. We need more selfless people to be an example to our younger generation that being selfless is cool. We still need that.

But we don’t need any more Josh Shaws.

Just a day after that piece was published, rumors started flying that Shaw’s high ankle sprains were not caused by him jumping off of a second floor balcony to save his nephew from drowning. Some people suspected it, others thought that we in the media were just taking pot shots at Shaw, trying to discredit his story.

Well, he did not need us to discredit him. He did that to himself on Thursday. KTLA in Los Angeles reported that Shaw had indeed come forward to say that the hero story was all just a hoax. It gave the people who were skeptical of Shaw’s story a big fat “I told you so.” For the rest of us, we were utterly disappointed that Shaw would stoop to such a level to disgrace USC, and more importantly, himself.

Shaw is now suspended indefinitely until the university can get to the bottom of Shaw’s injury, and rightfully so. There is no excuses for lying, and using his family as the base of his lie is just plain despicable. But hey, it’s USC, and like the people who doubted Shaw’s story, should we have expected anything different?

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