Florida State Football: New Uniforms Fail Miserably

By Isaiah Clark
Florida State football
Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Florida State Seminoles didn’t play great in their 37-31 victory over the Oklahoma State Cowboys, but their play looked much better than those new uniforms.

I went with a couple of my old college friends for the game in Dallas. We were excited for not only the first game of the season, a chance to step foot into Jerry’s World, but also to see the new uniforms. After seeing the Seminoles run out on the field, we were very disappointed in what we saw, although one of my friends liked the tribal markings around the collars.

Most of you have probably already heard the complaints from those that watched the game on television; take it from a person who got to watch the game up close and personal. These uniforms need a lot of work. The face masks looked more purple than garnet, you could barely read the numbers (which Florida State University has stated they are changing as soon as possible), and the gold on the helmets doesn’t look, well, gold!

I have been following the Seminoles since the early 90s, or as some may classify them “the glory days” (I even graduated from there back in 2009). Everything about the Seminoles caught my attention. Chief Osceola planting that spear at the center of the field on Renegade, the Marching Chiefs, the tradition, players like Charlie WardWarrick Dunn, and lastly, those beautiful garnet and gold uniforms.

The Seminoles had one of the most iconic uniforms, emblems and helmets in college football history. Now, thanks to Nike and money hungry Athletic Directors, that’s all gone. Yes, I get that they wanted a more consistent garnet since half the shirts you would see on fans were a different shade, but that doesn’t mean you have to change the entire uniform head to toe.

I am not the only one that feels this way, as most fans have expressed their displeasure all across the web, in blogs and even to faculty members. However, as students, graduates and fans, we all must learn to accept the changes, as they will not be going back anytime soon, if ever. There is one thing we can do though, and that’s to continue supporting the Seminoles regardless of what the players wear.

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