North Carolina Takes Celebration Too Far By Damaging Duke Locker Room After Victory

By RantSports Staff

The North Carolina Tar Heels really took it to the Duke Blue Devils in their last game. Not only did the Tar Heels beat the Blue Devils on the field (won 45-20), but they also messed up their locker room by spray-painting it. Too far?

I would have to go with a yes. It is great to see this rivalry taking off in sports other than basketball, but damaging a locker room is so last year. Not to mention, if a random person was to do the exact same act, that said random person would probably have to pay a huge fine and maybe spend a day or so in jail as well?

Sure, the school will have to pay for the damages, but that is about it. Oh yeah, North Carolina players also decided to spray-paint the trophy they won. Classic.

North Carolina Football
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