Virginia Tech Football Players Were Being Fined For the Most Ridiculous List of Reasons

By Seth Lassen

Images from a television monitor just outside the Virginia Tech Hokies players’ lounge were leaked on Wednesday night and what we saw was simply stunning. The monitor displayed a list of fines the football players would receive for certain offenses.

The offenses ranged from things like missing a class or having a dirty dorm room to even on the field penalties, such as taking an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

“I had no idea of any of it,” Virginia Tech athletic director Whit Babcock said Wednesday night when asked if he had any previous knowledge of the fine structure. “Have addressed and will further. It has been discontinued 100 percent. … I don’t know of any post practice and I didn’t know about this today either. Again, has been addressed and will be further. All of it discontinued immediately.”

Babcock told the Roanoke Times he met with Virginia Tech head coach Frank Beamer on Thursday morning to discuss the situation.

“We talked about it,” Babcock said. “There has been, in place for a number of years, not to this extent, but for a number of years, a little bit of a, and I have to use the word, but I can’t use another one, but a fine system, disciplinary for our players and such. And I thin it’s come out of bowl type stuff. So I was no aware that we were doing that. It’s not against NCAA rules. It’s probably more prevalent than people think, but I was not aware of it.”

On Wednesday night, a school spokesman told the Richmond Times-Dispatch that no student-athletes had been relieved of any money under the fine system for the coming year.

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