Suspension Of Maty Mauk Will Not Change Missouri Football's Outcome For The Season

By Barrett Pfeiffer
Denny Medley- USA Today Sports
Denny Medley- USA Today Sports

The suspension of Maty Mauk will not change the outcome of the Missouri Tigers‘ season.

Let’s face it, the Tigers might as well go ahead and throw their season in the tank. For a few weeks now, the Tigers have gotten away with slim victories over teams that don’t even belong on SEC turf. Just recently, Missouri went into Lexington and got its behinds kicked by the Kentucky Wildcats. Although SEC fans (majorly SEC West fans) have never really seen eye to eye with the Tigers in the SEC, now they have some proof to back it up.

Mauk was recently suspended from the squad for undisclosed reasons, but that should not change the outcome of any of the Tiger’s games one bit. Missouri takes on South Carolina this weekend, and the Tigers have probably started outlining a big L for Saturday.

In all honesty, Missouri is the new SEC East trash. Now that Kentucky has stepped up in big games and Vanderbilt is actually keeping up with teams, it’s time for Mizzou to take the hot seat in the bottom of the barrel. And Mauk is one of the SEC’s mediocre quarterbacks at this point. Even though he’s been on the squad his whole college career and has started more games than any active SEC East quarterback, nobody cares about him. That’s because he’s not a star. Surely, a new face behind center will be very refreshing.

Without a doubt, Mauk’s suspension will not affect Missouri’s season in any shape or form. Tigers backup QB Drew Lock will step in and most likely do just as well as Mauk. Let’s not forget, this is a team that beat Connecticut by three points and Arkansas State by seven. How do you even call the Tigers an SEC team? Not my question to answer.

But hey, maybe Mizzou wins it this weekend and shocks the nation. But hey, it probably won’t.

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