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Navy Football Seems Poised To Take the AAC

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Justin Ford-USA Today Sports

For those of you not keeping track, there are now four (no, really—I counted) AAC teams in the AP Top 25. The mighty SEC also has four. That should tell you something. First, it means that the AAC, traditionally the poor relation of college football conferences, has improved beyond all sense or reason. The combined record of the AAC’s top four teams is 32-2.  Last year at this same time there were no American Conference teams in the Top 25. Second, it means that if the Navy Midshipmen can win out in the AAC, the committee will have to delay the bowl assignments until after the Army-Navy game on December 12. It also means that the marquee bowl games may be shaken up a great deal this year.

I’m not saying Navy is going to come out of nowhere and take down Clemson for a chance at the College Football Playoff. Nevertheless, with college football being the evanescent, unstable creature that it is, there is a good chance that Clemson may be the sole undefeated team at season’s end. There is still the likelihood that the Midshipmen may move up several spots in the polls and come out with a marquee bowl this year. They are on a hot streak and have a searing rush attack. Plus, they could show Paul Johnson a thing or two about how to properly run a triple-option offense.

However it plays out, the AAC remains a conference to watch. So good luck to the Navy Midshipmen—fair winds and following seas.