The North Carolina Tar Heels Are Completely Capable Of Taking The ACC Championship

By Geoffrey Knox
Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports
Rob Kinnan-USA TODAY Sports

Well, time has flown by, and the regular season of college football has ended. The ACC Championship game is set, and the Clemson Tigers will meet the North Carolina Tar Heels to decide football royalty in the conference. Before they take the field, there are a few interesting things that one might want to know about the Tar Heels.

Fans of the Tar Heels are very loyal, for the most part, but most of the fanbase is really only following the basketball team. Why ? Traditionally, the basketball team has been an elite program, and the football team has been an average program that had the ability to field elite talent from time to time. Truth be told, if you walk around the Carolinas and talk to Tar Heel fans, they’re already talking about basketball, and most are just finding out the football team has reached the championship game this week.

That’s actually unfortunate because they’ve missed one spectacular ride through the 2015 season. The only hiccup would be a loss to a less than stellar South Carolina Gamecocks team, which is a loss that has haunted them all season as this team started and may still be too low in the rankings. Truthfully, this team has all the ability to walk into Charlotte and give the Tigers their first loss of the season, and many of the experts wouldn’t be surprised if they did.

Clemson probably isn’t going to finish this season by hoisting the national championship trophy, and that first loss may be sooner than many expect. Offensively, the Tar Heels have no weakness. Defensively, they make enough plays to cause just enough stops to make sure this team sits on the right side of the scoreboard by the end of the contest. Whether they bend without breaking or they are good when they need to be, they’re good enough to stop the Tigers on two or three drives, and truthfully, that’s really all the help their offense may need.

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