Penn State Football May See Facility Changes Over Next Decade

By Jason Shawley

Penn State football has one of the most storied traditions in all of college football and much of that can be attributed to their 106,572-seat stadium that stands on the eastern side of campus.

Beaver Stadium has stood in it’s current location since 1960 and in that time has undergone seven expansions. Some parts of the stadium are older than others as they were brought over from the old Beaver Field that was located on the opposite side of campus.

There’s no questioning the game day atmosphere at Beaver Stadium. If you’ve been there just once, you probably stood in awe after walking through the tunnel from the concourse to the bleachers to witness a sea of blue and white. If you’re a regular attendee, you know exactly what I’m talking about. As it currently stands, Beaver Stadium has the third  largest capacity of any stadium in the world. All of that could change within the next ten years.

Athletic Director Sandy Barbour has been asking the community for feedback over the past couple of months, and complaints have ranged from concessions, to restrooms, and even seating. There’s a reason the stadium can hold so many fans. Those in attendance can hardly move, making it an uncomfortable experience.

People have also discussed how unappealing the stadium looks from the outside. Personally, that argument is hard to understand. Despite the metal frame, the sight of the enormous structure up on the hill as you’re passing through State College on the Mount Nittany Expressway is impressive.

In any case, there are certainly issues that need to be addressed. The last thing that the Nittany Lions faithful want to see is the historic structure torn down, but it remains a possibility if the university feels the improvements and renovations to Beaver Stadium would be too costly as a temporary solution.

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