Temple Football Landing Karamo Dioubate Changes AAC Recruiting Landscape

By Mike Gibson

According to a name origin website, the first name of Karamo denotes an extravagant, ambitious nature with the desire for financial prominence. If those qualities come through at Temple football for the next three years, the 6-foot-4, 285-pound Karamo Dioubate will use a lot of the former to get to the goal of the latter and Owl fans will be richer for it

One day Temple recruiting will reach the level where there will be no under-the-radar guys, but for now, they will have to settle for the occasional four-star defensive tackle recruit like Dioubate, who spurned offers from South Carolina, Penn State and Michigan State, among others, to stay in his hometown of Philadelphia. This is just the kind of weapon along the defensive front line that the Owls need to unleash on Penn State as soon as possible and that could be as early as the second game.

He is quite literally Temple’s biggest recruit of this cycle.

It’s one thing to “trust the film,” but it’s quite another when the film is trusted not only by the staff at Temple, but the more highly-paid ones. When it comes to Dioubate, they see what you see, a pretty polished and unstoppable lineman far advanced beyond his years. Now Dioubate will have to cram a lot of learning into a short summer camp, but he certainly has the physical tools to do it. They say great coaches are the guys who build a scheme around their talent, and Owls defensive coordinator Phil Snow is a smart enough guy to know that he’s got the physical talent to run a 5-2 scheme as opposed to last year’s 4-3 since the team will be top-heavy with big, talented linemen.

With that line making things relatively easy for the six guys behind them, it is not a huge stretch to conclude that this could be a record-setting defense next season. Every year, there are true freshmen who step onto the field and make big-time plays all over the place. Those true freshmen are usually in the SEC.

Now, with Dioubate, Temple finally has one who could cause havoc with AAC offensive lines.

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