Oklahoma Football Recruit Caleb Kelly Chose School By Drawing Name Out Of Hat

By Jason Fletcher

In recent years, college football recruits have turned their announcement ceremonies into a show. We’ve seen a guy announce while playing paintball, another used cakes and many lay out a bunch of different hats and then choose the hat of the school that they’re attending. When it comes to the case of Oklahoma signee Caleb Kelly, he was just having trouble deciding between the Sooners and Notre Dame.

“I got a piece of paper and wrote Oklahoma and Notre Dame and split in half. My mom was in the other room, I called her in – or I crinkled the paper up before – and then called my mom in and said ‘mom I’m going to get two hats, you’re going to put the balls of paper into the hat, and when I pick that’s the school I’m going to go to,” he explained.

“I went away, gave her the hats, she put the balls under the hat and then I remember I picked up the hat and picked up the ball of paper and I thought ‘damn this is Notre Dame’ because I felt the size of it. I said ‘I guess we’re going to Notre Dame’ but I didn’t say it (aloud) I just said it in my head.”

Although he felt like it was going to say Notre Dame, he didn’t necessarily want it to be.

“I opened up the piece of paper and it was OU and I just felt a weight get lifted off of my shoulders. I was like ‘that’s it mama, that’s where I’m going’. I knew just by my reaction when I thought it was Notre Dame that I didn’t want to go there and I really wanted to go to Oklahoma, and that’s what I did.”

Sometimes a decision is so tough that we don’t know how to make it. It sounds as if Kelly’s process helped him realize which school he wanted to attend all along which certainly made it effective.

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