Alabama Courting 6-foot-4, 286-Pound 8th-Grader Jaheim Oatis with Scholarship Offer

By Anthony Blake

Junior high isn’t typically where kids make any decisions on where they’ll go to college, but Jaheim Oatis isn’t just any junior high schooler.

This 6-foot-4, 286-pound man child reportedly already has scholarship offers from Ole Miss, Mississippi State, and the ever-present Nick Saban at Alabama.

Here’s the tweet from Oatis confirming as much.

And this was his insane sub-4.7 time in the 40-yard dash at his size.

If college is already paid for, what kind of motivation is there to keep going to school at this point?

Physical skills are important, sure, but this kid still needs to develop some maturity before he sets foot on campus in Tuscaloosa.

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