UCLA QB Josh Rosen Says Football And School Don't Go Together

By RanterX

During a recent Bleacher Report interview, UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen made news for controversially claiming school and football, “Don’t go together.”



From BleacherReport:

B/R: You haven’t played since October of 2016. Do you miss the game?

Rosen: Yeah, a lot. It was awful. The worst part is you see things, you know you can help, but you can’t. As a competitor, that just sucks. When someone looks at you and says, “You’re done for the season, you’re not going out there again,” there’s no way to explain how that hits you. Sitting out and watching your teammates, your friends, fight play after play and game after game while you can’t help gives you some unique perspective.

B/R: Is it humbling?

Rosen: It’s pretty damn humbling. But really, it’s a humbling game even when you’re playing. I mean, when you get put on your back by another man, that’s the definition of humbling. Think about this analogy: You think you’re hot s–t, you go into a bar and you start to talk to a girl and get turned down, knocked out. Think about how humbled you feel. I’m getting knocked out like that play after play, even on a successful play. You know how many times you make a throw, the play works and you’re still standing? Not often.

B/R: Look at the bright side: You got a chance to heal, maybe catch up on school.

Don’t get me started. I love school, but it’s hard. It’s cool because we’re learning more applicable stuff in my major (Economics)—not just the prerequisite stuff that’s designed to filter out people. But football really dents my ability to take some classes that I need. There are a bunch of classes that are only offered one time. There was a class this spring I had to take, but there was a conflict with spring football, so…

B/R: So football wins out?

Rosen: Well, you can say that.

B/R: So that’s reality for student-athletes playing at a major university?

Rosen: I didn’t say that, you did. (Laughs.) Look, football and school don’t go together. They just don’t. Trying to do both is like trying to do two full-time jobs. There are guys who have no business being in school, but they’re here because this is the path to the NFL. There’s no other way. Then there’s the other side that says raise the SAT eligibility requirements. OK, raise the SAT requirement at Alabama and see what kind of team they have. You lose athletes and then the product on the field suffers.

The cast of ESPN‘s ‘Pardon The Interruption’ spoke about Rosen’s comments, which you can watch in the video below.

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