Can Michigan Wolverines Beat Ohio State Buckeyes In 2013?

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  The biggest rivalry in the college football landscape has been quite lopsided in the past decade. Ohio State has ruled the Michigan-Ohio State duel since 2000, winning 10 of the 12 games. With the recent hiring of Urban Meyer, […]

Downsides to Devin Gardner’s 5th Year

Devin Gardner - Andrew Weber

Recently, Devin Gardner had been granted another year of eligibility. This means that Michigan has a top-level quarterback for longer than they expected. It also means that Michigan will be competitive for a year longer. This news should make Michigan […]

How Michigan Can Become A National Power Once Again

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The Michigan Wolverines are one of the most storied college football programs in the nation. They have national attention and a dedicated fan base to attend to. They get some of the nation’s top recruits to come and have Michigan […]

Derrick Green’s Impact For The Michigan Wolverines in 2013

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The Michigan Wolverines had one of the best recruiting classes in the country in 2013. Some names that highlighted the class are Jourdan Lewis, David Dawson, and Shane Morris. The biggest name in the class is Derrick Green, a running […]

NCAA Football 2014′s Cover Comes down to Denard Robinson and Ryan Swope

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  Denard Robinson is back in the NCAA news this week as the battle for the cover of “NCAA Football 14” comes down to two people. Denard is facing off against an unlikely opponent from Texas A&M named Ryan Swope. […]

Grading Michigan’s 2013 Roster: Quarterback

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It is no secret that the Michigan Wolverines had a mildly disappointing season in 2013. Michigan finished 8-5 which included a loss to their biggest rival, Ohio State. As we look ahead to 2013, Michigan has bigger plans for their […]

Michigan Wolverines 2013 Success Weighs on Turnovers

Devin Taylor

The Michigan Wolverines had many weaknesses in the 2012 season. One of the biggest weaknesses was the number of turnovers they had. Michigan gave up 19 interceptions last season, and this cannot fly in the upcoming year. The key for […]

Denard Robinson’s Potential Fits in the NFL

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This weekend started the NFL Combine, a yearly event to showcase the nation’s top NFL prospects. The only invitee from the Michigan Wolverines was Denard Robinson. Robinson was one of the best athletes to ever walk on campus, but his future in […]