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Carter Roane

Boston Red Sox Need To Look At Rusney Castillo

Now is the time for the Boston Red Sox to evaluate what they have in Rusney Castillo. Read More

5 Last-Minute Red Sox Rumors Before Deadline

The Boston Red Sox could be making noise before the 2015 MLB trade deadline passes on Friday. Read More

Red Sox Need To Change Their Pitching Philosophy

The Boston Red Sox need to change their pitching philsophies and focus on developing homegrown talent. Read More

Boston Red Sox Need To Make A Run For Cole Hamels

The Boston Red Sox are struggling. Getting Cole Hamels would make a lot of sense. Read More

Red Sox Have Outstanding Shortstop

The Boston Red Sox may have lost the season but they sure have found themselves a shortstop. Read More

Front Office Of Boston Red Sox Needs Overhaul

The Boston Red Sox need to make changes, and it starts right at the top. Read More

2015 Boston Red Sox Are Unwatchable

This team has been absolutely unwatchable this season and it is maddening. Read More

Masterson in Bullpen is Right Move For Red Sox

Justin Masterson moving to the bullpen was actually a good idea from the Boston Red Sox. Here's why. Read More

Red Sox's Starting Rotation Needs Serious Help

The Boston Red Sox starting rotation is in dire need of some help. Honestly, without Clay Buchholz, they will be in some rough spots game in and game out. Is there anything they can do? Read More

Boston Red Sox Missed Out On Jason Frasor

The Boston Red Sox could have had a quality reliever in Jason Frasor. Read More