How Big Can College Football Stadiums Get?

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Ohio State University is adding 2,500 more seats to their already gigantic stadium. This will put the Buckeyes at 104,000. This brings to mind a question I have often pondered. Why are NFL stadiums so much smaller than college stadiums? In […]

What’s Wrong With The SEC And The Big 12 Making over $500 Million?

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While the Big 12 celebrates their record $198 million, the SEC is distributing $289.4 million among their schools, respectively. This brings to light the issue of college athletes as amateurs and whether or not they deserve compensation. I believe a […]

Texas’ Deloss Dodds Has More Important Things To Worry About Than College Football Playoff

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The University of Texas has had little to do with the BCS over the past few seasons, and yet athletic director Deloss Dodds is suggesting that an eight-team playoff would better suit his liking. Let’s hit the brakes for a […]

Why Should We Ignore Ohio State’s Gordon Gee

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Unfortunately, we live in a world today that is so sensitive that you can’t walk placing your left foot before your right because you will probably offend someone somewhere. Do I agree with what Ohio State President Gordon Gee said? Of […]

Bad Business In College Football

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Do you know what the funniest thing I heard all weekend was? Charlie Weis was paid more than Brian Kelley in 2011. Given Kelley wasn’t what he is now in 2011, paying a coach that you thought wasn’t capable of […]

Kevin Sumlin’s Guilty Pleasure

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What does the head coach for the Texas A&M Aggies do to get away from the stresses of the X’s and O’s? He goes to the Indianapolis 500, every year. Sumlin was out at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Friday […]

What Is Going On At the University of Notre Dame?

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I don’t personally know Everett Golson, but how you could become academically ineligible when you’re the quarterback for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish is so far beyond me it’s unfathomable. There are expectations and standards that student-athletes are held to […]

Should the Texas Longhorns Bring Vince Young Back?

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  The Texas Longhorns need to welcome back Vince Young as a part of their football program in one way or another. Whether the Longhorn legend becomes a coach, member of the broadcast team or a part of the athletic […]

Former Indiana Hoosiers Running Back Darius Willis Gets An NFL Tryout

James Brosher-Indiana Daily Student

Former Indiana University running back Darius Willis has returned to the playing field after an injury ended his collegiate playing days in 2010. The former Hoosier left the program in 2010 after a series of knee injuries finally took their toll. […]

What Would Keep Notre Dame Fighting Irish Out of A Bowl Game?

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If Notre Dame Fighting Irish win less than nine games they may not be going bowling. Because the Irish are independent (and proud of it) they don’t have a bowl game that they fall into by way of conference ranking. […]

Notre Dame Fighting Irish’s Worst Decision Ever

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In the case of the Michigan vs. Notre Dame rivalry, the supreme court of college football has ruled that while the adaptation of a new ACC-oriented schedule requires the Irish to make some changes, it does not validate canceling on […]

What Do College Football And Good Friends Have In Common?

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Contrary to quick replies via text where a “lol” is a “ha, that’s kind of funny”, I literally laughed out loud today while thinking about college football and the conferences like the way we think of our group of friends. […]