Michigan Wolverine Defense: Week 1

With the focus shifting to Notre Dame tomorrow, I first want to talk about the stout Michigan defense from last week.  Even though both teams essentially equaled each other’s yardage, Michigan’s performance was much more impressive.  Outside of Western Michigan’s […]

Michigan Offense Makes a Big Statement

Sure, it was a home game, and sure it was versus Western Michigan, but the Michigan Wolverines made a big time statement week one against the Broncos.  It was Brady Hoke’s first game at the helm, and the Wolverines showed […]

Michigan Opens Against Western Michigan

Never Eat Shredded Wheat.  That’s how I was taught as a toddler to remember north, east, south and west.  Michigan football is back, and that means a few games versus directional schools are indeed back too.  The Broncos are one […]

Hoke Names Shaw Starter at Running Back

Mike Shaw will get the chance to be the Michigan running back.  He has endured three years of playing in a spread offense, but the senior from Ohio has picked up the more traditional offensive style the quickest of any […]

Hoke Names Gordon Starter at Safety

After previously naming only upper classmen Jordan Kovacs, Troy Woolfolk and Mike Martin starters, Brady Hoke has named an under classmen a defensive starter, Thomas Gordon.  Gordon, a sophomore, will line up next to Jordan Kovacs.  The Detroit native will […]

Roy Roundtree: The Most Under Rated Star in the B1G

Is there a least heralded, dominant player in the country than Roy Roundtree?  I believe there is a reason for this, but I do not think it is justified.  So let’s start from the beginning.  Roundtree was a 4* recruit […]

Craig Roh: Break Out Season for Michigan

Coming off the heels of a disappointing season, Craig Roh is back to where he is most comfortable, the defensive line.  Last year Roh played a hybrid line backing position in which he was asked to stay out in coverage.  […]

Hoke Names Troy Woolfolk a Defensive Starter

I break up passes for a living

Brady Hoke has named three defensive starters, today we will preview each of them. Troy Woolfolk After redshirting in 2010 because of a foot injury, Woolfolk has wasted no time reasserting himself back into the Wolverines’ lineup.  He and Kovacs […]

Brady Hoke Names Jordan Kovacs a Starter


Brady Hoke has named three starters on defense to this point, so today we will preview each one.  Jordan Kovacs Kovacs came out of nowhere when he came to Michigan in 2009.  Literally nowhere.  Kovacs now a junior is as […]

Brady Hoke Names Mike Martin Defensive Starter

Sack lunch num num num num num

Brady Hoke has named three starters on defense to this point, so today we will preview each one.  Mike Martin Number 68 is a Detroit native who is Michigan Football’s biggest difference maker on defense.  From the 2010 campaign, he […]

They Said What?


So between the Willy Lyles case, the NFL preseason beginning and the NBA lockout, a story went unnoticed.  Sports Illustrated apparently had a board meeting and decided they didn’t want to be taken seriously anymore.  Earlier today they ran a […]

What to expect from a Brady Hoke offense

First Down!

Brady Hoke falls into the majority.  Over 50% of people who go to the “Big House,” will return to the “Big House” some day.  Oh wait, we are talking about Michigan Football, not prison, never mind.  Hoke is back for […]