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Jacob Kornhauser

Urlacher's Criticism of Bears' Jay Cutler Unfair

Brian Urlacher once again felt the need to run his mouth about his former team. This time he criticized Jay Cutler, and Urlacher's comments are getting old. Read More

Titans Make Right Call Starting Mettenberger

Surprisingly, Zach Mettenberger was named the Titans' starting quarterback this Sunday. With nothing to lose, the Titans made the right call. Read More

Cubs Should Trade For Yoenis Cespedes

While the Chicago Cubs will be targeting pitching this offseason, they should also be looking for a bat. That could come in the way of Yoenis Cespedes. Read More

Crazy Things Stephen A. Smith Actually Said

Stephen A. Smith has given us a plethora of stupid comments during his time on ESPN. These 10 are incredibly stupid, but are absolute gems. Read More

10 Most Underrated Sports Rivalries

Everyone knows the classic rivalries in sports, but there are so many others that fly under the radar. These are the 10 best that fall into that category. Read More

Saints Should Still Be Favorites In NFC South

Even though they're a disappointing 2-4, there are several reasons to still think the Saints will win the NFC South division. Read More

Cutler Can't Lead Bears To Super Bowl

After years of believing in Jay Cutler, it's now evident he's not capable of winning the big game for the Chicago Bears. Read More

Two Most Clutch Teams In World Series

The two most clutch teams in baseball will face off in the World Series. Believe it or not, the Royals and Giants will give us one of the most intriguing World Series matchups in years. Read More

15 Best Cities In Sports

Most fanbases are passionate, but not like this. These 15 cities take sports passion to a whole new level. Read More

15 Die Hard Celebrity Sports Fans

Paul Rudd threw a party after the Royals clinched the AL pennant, showing off his fan hood. Here are some other celebrity die hard sports fans. Read More