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Jacob Kornhauser

Dealing For Hamels Makes Sense For Cubs

The Cubs have already added Jon Lester to their rotation, but if they want the best chance at a title over the next five years, they will trade for Cole Hamels as well. Read More

Derrick Rose Is Past Final Hurdle In Recovery

Derrick Rose is playing with a pep in his step unseen since he tore his ACL. That's good news for the Bulls and bad news for the rest of the NBA. Read More

2015 Stats Predictions For Chicago Cubs Hitters

This upcoming season should be a good one on the north side of Chicago. Here's a look at what the Cubs hitters figure to do in 2015. Read More

Grossman Rejecting One-Week Deal A Classy Move

Rex Grossman would rather spend time with family this holiday season than sign with the Browns to play one meaningless game this Sunday, and that's something worth applauding. Read More

Padres Rumors: Hamels Could Help Challenge Dodgers

The Padres may not be done making moves yet this offseason. They have Cole Hamels on their radar and if they acquire him, they will seriously challenge the Dodgers and Giants. Read More

Cubs' Top 5 Pitching Prospects Going Into 2015

The Chicago Cubs have made it clear they will build their rotation through free agency, but they also have some solid pitching prospects. Here are their five best. Read More

Seahawks Are Super Bowl Favorites Once Again

After rattling off five straight wins, the Seattle Seahawks, who were once at risk of missing the playoffs, now look like the team to beat in the NFL. Read More

10 Most Overrated Players In MLB

There are plenty of great players in the major leagues, but these 10 aren't in that group. Take a look and see if you agree. Read More

Video: 15 Best Sports Plays of 2014

The 2014 year brought plenty of great plays in sports. While there were countless great plays, these 15 stand above the rest. Watch them and remember the magic. Read More

5 QBs Who Could Be Traded In 2015

These five quarterbacks aren't likely to be back with their current teams next season and could potentially be traded this offseason. Read More