SEC Football May Dominate, But Not at Producing NFL Quarterbacks

NFL: New England Patriots at New York Jets

You hear the chants at stadiums across the southeast and even into other parts of the country; S-E-C…S-E-C…S-E-C!! The league that leaves them all behind boasts just about everything imaginable when it comes to college football. The most championships, the […]

Georgia Bulldogs Not Looking for Redemption in 2013, But Simply a Reckoning

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There are times when a team makes a run at a championship, and falls just shy. They come back with a renewed attitude, a stronger resolve, and looking for some redemption from the shortfall of the previous year. In the […]

Is There Anything Johnny Manziel Can’t Do, Including Getting Paid?

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Johnny Manziel took the college football world by storm in 2012, and the legend that is “Johnny Football” continues to grow and grow. It would appear that the Heisman Trophy winner was only rivaled by Superman and Donald Trump, and […]

For Once, SEC Football Should Follow the Lead of the Big Ten

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They’re called cream-puffs, warm-up games, or just plain easy schedule breaks. When major FBS conference teams schedule much smaller and weaker FCS teams, the result is almost always an ugly sight. But now the Big Ten says “No more!”, and […]

Secret Confessions of an Irish SEC Football Fan

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  Hey Doc, I was wondering if you could help me out with a problem Well, it’s not me. It’s about this… friend of mine. He’s a got problem and he’s not sure what to do. You see, this guy […]

Returning for Final Year is Right Choice for Georgia’s Aaron Murray

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  Aaron Murray won’t be throwing his hat in the ring for the NFL draft this year, he’s coming back to take care of some unfinished business at the University of Georgia. If the trees in your front yard just […]

It’s Official: The BCS Has Killed the Meaningful Bowl Games

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The new incoming college football playoff system in 2014 might prove to have a few warts, but at least it’s going to be different. Most of all, it will bring some relevance back to traditionally important bowl games – something […]

Capital One Bowl: Georgia Finishes Season Strong, Future Looking Stronger

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“Finish the Drill” has been the mantra that University of Georgia head coach Mark Richt has pounded into the heads of his players since spring practice began, and for the first time in three seasons, the Bulldogs did just that […]

Tajh Boyd Puts Clemson, ACC on His Shoulders for Huge Chick-fil-A Bowl Win

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  The Chick-fil-A Bowl may not be one of the elite BCS Bowls, but the 44-year old bowl in Atlanta, Ga. has become a premier battle ground for the ACC and SEC. This year No.14 Clemson and No.9 LSU took […]

University of Georgia Plans Unique Tribute to Sandy Hook Victims

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The University of Georgia chapel bell is one of the most recognizable structures on campus in Athens. It is lauded in university song as a place of joy and triumph, and each time the Bulldogs come away with a victory, […]

CBS Needs to Replace Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson


In today’s SEC Championship game broadcast. booth commentators Verne Lundquist and Gary Danielson were a complete embarrassment to CBS Sports. Hey, I’m just a struggling would-be journalist writing from my basement in the suburbs of Atlanta, Ga., but even I […]

Alabama and Georgia Play SEC Championship Game for the Ages

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This was the SEC Championship game that everyone wanted. The two best teams in the SEC going head to head for the right to go play Notre Dame in the BCS Championship game. Both Alabama (BCS No.2) and Georgia (BCS […]