Another Close Call For Central Florida Raises Questions About Its Ranking


Just about any kid will tell you one of the first things they learn from their parents is a warning not to play with fire. Central Florida has been playing with fire all year and usually is able to put the […]

Miami’s ACC Divisional Hopes Now Rest on Scoreboard-Watching After Big Win Over Pitt


The only teams Al Golden ever rooted for in his lifetime were Penn State, Boston College, Virginia and Temple in addition to his own Miami Hurricanes, schools representing stops along the way both as a player and a coach. On […]

5 Possible Week 14 College Football Upsets


Temple Owls Would be Wise to Place Matt Rhule on the Hot Seat


In the real world, an employee who shows gross incompetence gets a period of about two months, not a year or years to evaluate his performance. It’s called a probationary period. The probationary period of first-year Temple head football coach […]

5 Possible College Football Upsets in Week 13


Blake Bortles Continues to Show NFL Potential in Yet Another Comeback Effort


When Jim Harbaugh was playing quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts, long before his current job as head coach with the San Francisco 49ers, the team was known as the Cardiac Kids for big fourth-quarter comebacks. The AAC has its own […]

Temple Coach’s Guarantee of a Win Over UCF Either Gutsy or Foolish

Matt Rhule

In this politically correct sports world you don’t find too many people guaranteeing anything these days. It’s been a long time since Joe Namath guaranteed that the New York Jets would win the Super Bowl and Muhammad Ali, then known […]

Northern Illinois’ Hopes for a Perfect Season Still Alive, Thanks to Jordan Lynch


Fox television has American Idol and NBC has America’s Got Talent, so what ESPN2 had on Wednesday night could be called its version of America’s Hottest Unheralded Talent. The “sexiest” star of this show was Jordan Lynch, a quarterback who has […]

5 Possible Week 12 College Football Upsets


Central Florida’s Defense Comes Up Big in 19-14 Win Over Houston


Whenever the AAC football preview makes its first appearance next summer, take that page out of your college football magazine and rip it up. Things like that happen when you have a freshman quarterback make an immediate impact like John […]

5 Possible Week 11 College Football Upsets


Temple’s Loss at Rutgers: A Basic Geometry Fail


Every fifth grade student learns this basic tenant in Geometry class: the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. Little Matty Rhule must have called in sick for that class because on Saturday, inches from the Rutgers’ 20 with less than two […]