Former Louisville Football Player Patrick Grant Suing University And Charlie Strong

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Patrick Grant is a former Louisville Cardinals football player who is now currently suing the university and head coach Charlie Strong. Grant was attacked by two former teammates, which resulted in injuries that forced the end of his career. But […]

Why Did Duke Allow Jordon Byas To Return To The Belk Bowl?

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As of writing, the Duke Blue Devils are absolutely dominating the Belk Bowl, but there are more troubling issues afoot. Jordon Byas is a senior safety for the team and he suffered a fairly obvious concussion in the first quarter. For whatever […]

Gary Andersen Has Interviewed For Wisconsin Coaching Job

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The Wisconsin coaching search has gone on longer than a lot of people would have guessed. However, it appears that they have settled on a target. Gary Andersen, who just led Utah State to a great season, has interviewed for […]

College Football Rumors: Has Wisconsin Found Their Choice For Head Coach?

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Ever since the Wisconsin job became open, there have not been many whispers about who the favorite could be. However, it looks like the job issue could be resolved soon. It appears that Al Golden is the heavy favorite at […]

AIRBHG Strikes Again: Greg Garmon To Transfer

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After taking some time off, it appears that AIRBHG was back in business. If you are unclear on the meaning, that stands for Angry Iowa Running Back Hating God. On Wednesday, former four star recruit Greg Garmon announced that he […]

College Football Rumors: Did Texas Tech Land Their Favorite Son?

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The college football rumors around this time of year are always fun. Texas Tech has been in the rumors lately because Tommy Tuberville decided to bolt for a new school in the middle of a meal with recruits. It now […]

Tommy Tuberville Bailed On Dinner With Recruits In Order To Take Cincinnati Coaching Job

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If you thought the college coaching stories were nuts, you need to hear this one. By this point in time, we all know that Tommy Tuberville made a surprising jump to coach Cincinnati. The way in which he did will […]

Bobby Petrino Is A Great Hire For Western Kentucky

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Bobby Petrino may be something of a pariah in college football, but the man can still coach. That is why Western Kentucky pulled off the coup of the coaching carousel by inking the man to a deal. This is going […]

Tommy Tuberville Will Be The Next Coach At Cincinnati

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College football coaching news is always wacky, so this latest mess makes some sense. It appears that Cincinnati did not take long to find their new coach – they have settled on Tommy Tuberville and the below tweet sums up my […]

College Football Rumors: Bo Pelini Reaches Out To Tennessee

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Tennessee is a laughing stock in the college football world. They have offered their coaching job to almost everyone available and they have been shot down every single time. However, it appears one man might be interested in the job. […]

College Football Rumors: Should Tennessee Go After Bobby Petrino?


With news coming out that Charlie Strong has rejected overtures from Tennessee, the school is starting to run out of options for its next coach. Almost everyone they have asked has turned them down and it is starting to look […]

Charlie Strong Turns Down Tennessee; Will Stay At Louisville

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Charlie Strong has been quite the popular coach over the last few weeks. A lot of teams have been after him but it appears that no one will be able to pry him away from Louisville. He recently rejected an […]