The Colorado Buffaloes Make A Move To Win, But Will It Pay Off?


The University of Colorado made a decision on Sunday night that surprisingly has received more press in the last two days than the Buffaloes have seen all season. The firing of Jon Embree has been at the center of the radio […]

Three & Out: Week 13 College Football Reflections

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First Down: Not unless it’s Oregon It’s that time of year: bowl season is upon us and the coaching carousel has already begun to turn. There are currently 12 openings across the nation in the FBS and a popular name is […]

BCS Rankings: There Is No Clear Cut No. 2


Every year there’s a snub in the BCS Rankings and a definitive case against a team that is ranked higher in the standings. This won’t change with the new playoff system; the only hope we hold onto is who the members in the […]

NCAA Football: Last Minute Thoughts On Gameday


- Throw out the record books when these two teams meet. Ok, now that we got the cliché out-of-the-way, we can debunk what many would have you believe. People love the underdog, oops, there’s another cliché, and every year we bear […]

Big 12 Football: The Big 12 Will Need To Expand


There are many things that happen during the course of the college football season that make up the full journey. Upsets, BCS flaws/snubbing, rivalries, tailgating and the Lee Corso mascot headgear predictions all make us college football junkies feel like it’s that […]

The Coach That Should Be On Top Of Every Athletic Director’s List

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Every year, November marks a time where we’re about to embark on the post-season, but it also signifies the college football season coming to an end for a lot programs who failed to gain entry into a bowl. This is also the […]

Big 12 Football Bowl Projections Week 13

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The ride was fun while it lasted for the Big 12. We all thought we would be seeing the conference represented in the BCS Championship for the first time since 2010, but the Kansas State Wildcats just couldn’t get passed the […]

Three & Out: Week 12 College Football Reflections

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First Down: Nothing but a hater The season is winding down, but some teams are still fighting the same battle against a flawed system that somehow manged to confuse itself last season. We all, or at least I do, remember the 2012 BCS […]

BCS Rankings: The Morning After Doomsday

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The world as we knew it is over, what took a long time to build has now been destroyed in one day. That’s all it takes to completely take down everything that made sense. Maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but […]

NCAA Football: Last Minute Thoughts On Gameday


- Much of the discussion this week has been about the first BCS Championship without the SEC since 2006, but don’t even think about counting the conference out yet. While there’s three undefeated teams ahead the top teams in the […]

Big 12 Football: Are The Texas Longhorns A 10 Win Caliber Team?


The Texas Longhorns began the season 4-0 with an offense that put up 37, 45, 66 and 41 points as David Ash put his progression on display. The Horns have received the type of attention you would expect a team […]

Big 12 Spotlight: Defense Is Needed To Compete In The Conference Of Offense

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The Big 12 has been known for the high-octane and flashy offenses and many outside of the conference don’t see past the early season match-up between the West Virginia Mountaineers and Baylor Bears. The 70-63 score made the stomachs of defense […]