Lots of Smoke Surrounding Who Will Become the Texas Longhorns Next Athletic Director

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  Since Texas Longhorns athletic director DeLoss Dodds announced that he would soon step down from the position he’s filled for the past 32 years, rumors have been swirling around Austin as to whom would take his place. It has […]

Nick Saban: College Football’s Host of Extreme Makeover

Nick Saban Alabama Crimson Tide

When there are hurricanes and earthquakes many times there are warning signs beforehand such as rock slides, tornadoes, rain, etc. In the college football and basketball coaching world many times there are those same signs  if you know where to look. I […]

Is Oliver Luck the top choice to take over as Texas Longhorns athletic director?

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Last week, Texas Longhorns athletic director DeLoss Dodds announced that he would be stepping down next August from the position he’s held for over three decades; however, many feel that the search for a new athletic director is already in […]

Will DeLoss Dodds Retire As Texas Longhorns Athletic Director Sooner Than Announced?

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There have been rumors for weeks, but now it is official; Texas Longhorns athletic director DeLoss Dodds, despite initially denying the rumors, has announced that he plans to retire on August 31, 2014, after 32 years in the position. However, […]

Texas Longhorns: What Comes Next for Mack Brown and More Importantly, When?

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There is no doubt whatsoever that Texas Longhorns head coach, Mack Brown, is feeling the heat much more than ever before in his long career. Throughout the off season, Brown convinced himself, his team, and the fans that this would be the season […]

Texas Longhorns: Will There Soon Be a Changing of the Guard?

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Rumors are coming out of Austin today that Texas Longhorns athletic director DeLoss Dodds could be stepping down at the end of the year, according to a report by Chip Brown on Orangebloods.com. Of course, the athletic department has been in […]

Longhorn Network Should Back Out From Covering Ole Miss Game

Texas Football Mack Brown

After Week 1 there is one huge question about the Texas Longhorns that remains unanswered; will the Ole Miss game move from the Longhorn Network to ESPN or ESPN2? Seriously, you’ve got to be kidding me if this game is going […]

Texas’ Deloss Dodds Has More Important Things To Worry About Than College Football Playoff

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The University of Texas has had little to do with the BCS over the past few seasons, and yet athletic director Deloss Dodds is suggesting that an eight-team playoff would better suit his liking. Let’s hit the brakes for a […]

Kendall Sanders Becomes Latest Legal Headache For Texas Longhorns

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What do college football players do when they have an opportunity to move up the depth chart and prove themselves worthy for more playing time? Well, more often than not, they take advantage of that opportunity. But for Texas Longhorns’ […]

Texas Longhorns Spring Game To Include Fan Fest

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The Texas Longhorns will be trying to get their fans excited for the 2013 season by turning their spring football game into more of an event with the planned Texas Football Fan Fest. The festivities will begin around 4:15 p.m. […]

Texas Longhorns Athletic Director DeLoss Dodds Has No Idea What Texas Fans Want

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It is official: Texas Longhorns athletic director DeLoss Dodds has absolutely no idea what Longhorn fans want. Here is an excerpt of what Dodds had to say in an interview with UT newspaper The Daily Texan when asked about the […]

Due To Texas Longhorns’ Major Applewhite Issue, University Of Texas Regents Will Review Policies

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Due to the recent surfacing of the news that Texas Longhorns co-offensive coordinator Major Applewhite had an inappropriate consensual relationship with a student back in 2009, University of Texas regents will reassess the school’s policy on relationships between students and […]