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Florida State Has Mastered The Comeback

Does Florida State‘s non-dominant point differential tell us that the Seminoles aren’t that good? Or does it tell us that Florida State is actually a team with poise, remaining under control and seizing games when they matter most? When do we stop talking about Florida State’s underachievement and start talking about their resiliency?

The popular narrative says that the 2014 Seminoles look nothing like the National Champion team of last year. These Seminoles start slow just like last year’s team in the National Championship, and they finish strong to seal games late … just like last year’s team in the National Championship. Wait a second.

With each week that the Seminoles emerge victorious, the more I become willing to entertain the idea that Florida State belongs in the College Football Playoff. Out of the other three teams ranked 1, 2 and 4, can you think of one that is as cool under the collar as Florida State? It’s one thing to struggle against a weak schedule, but it’s quite another to possess the perseverance to roar back when down over and over again.

Now, we shouldn’t compare 2014 Florida State opponents to those of the 2013 Auburn program, especially since Florida State has played no opponents which are currently ranked. However, the schedule is not Florida State’s fault. Unlike other top-four teams, this Seminole squad rarely runs unranked teams out of the building. Yet, also unlike other top-four teams, Florida State remains undefeated.

The Seminoles have crafted their 10-0 record by mastering the art of the comeback. The tendency to thrill began when Florida State took on Oklahoma State Oklahoma State in the season opener, escaping from Stillwater with a 37-31 win. The margin was narrow, and many thought it was an anomaly. Now we know that this is the norm, as we’ve seen similar escape acts almost biweekly since then.

The Seminoles have 6-4 Boston College this week and a disheveled Florida team in the finale. Winning this week will guarantee Florida State a spot in the ACC championship game, but may not guarantee a coveted matchup against a ranked opponent. That being said, an undefeated defending National Champion should be granted a spot in the final four of college football, whether if they haven’t beaten a team from the Top 25 or not.

When FSU likely reaches the playoff, it will be a rude awakening — but nothing they can’t come back from.

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Does Florida State's remarkable resiliency mean they can beat anyone?

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