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Steve Spurrier Deserves Pass For Press Conference

After beginning the year as the favorite to win the SEC East, the South Carolina Gamecocks have fallen on hard times. Steve Spurrier‘s abrupt exit from Saturday’s press conference after a shocking 45-42 loss to Tennessee sums up how the season has gone so far.

“I don’t need to take any questions,” Spurrier chided, “You guys watched it and I just need to get out of here.”

A stern address that was as uncomfortable as it was short. A mere 56 seconds and Spurrier retreated from the microphone, a move that is not typical of the Ol’ Ball Coach. Spurrier is never at a loss for words, but frankly there is very little to say about these Gamecocks. A season of promise has spiraled into a current four-game skid culminated against Tennessee, where the Gamecock defense was abused by a backup quarterback and one of the youngest offensive lines in the league. The Gamecocks stand at 4-5 and an unfamiliar position, at least in this decade.

This season has clearly taken its toll on Spurrier, who seems more on edge than ever. In his 10 seasons as the Gamecock coach, Spurrier has taken the team to heights never experienced in Columbia, but this season started off slowly and never really recovered. The fanbase is used to winning, and just getting by is not good enough anymore. The Carolina faithful were expecting a trip to Atlanta, but now they will be lucky to see a bowl game with a surging Florida squad and a trip to Clemson on the horizon. A seven-loss season has not been seen in Columbia since 2003.

Failing to answer for the team’s shortcomings can be seen as Spurrier being competitive and taking the loss personally. He probably deserves a pass for this season and this press conference — the schedule has not been easy and the team lost a great deal of talent to the NFL and graduation. Not to mention, the 2015 recruiting class is one of the best in school history. This ship can be righted in a hurry and if any coach can turn things around, it is Spurrier.

While 56 seconds seems short to many, the coach has to live with the hours of dread after a loss. All the blame will ultimately shift to his performance. Enduring the heat in a “win immediately” atmosphere takes its toll on the best coaches, and Spurrier was clearly burned up on Saturday night. He has come back from worse and he will do so again. The Gamecocks will take their lumps this season and look for a new start in 2015 — crucifying Spurrier now will only serve to hurt the future.

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Steve Spurrier deserves a pass for his short press conference on Saturday. Losing is not something Spurrier handles well and that is actually a good thing.

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