Lions rookies. Get in shape.

By ericschmidt

The Detroit Lions wrapped up their rookie camp this morning and the message from head coach Jim Schwartz, get in shape. Schwartz’s comments to the media after this morning’s workout were simple. “It’s not a matter of stay in shape, it’s get in shape.” Schwartz continued, “These guys thought they were practicing hard. Our pace is generally three times as fast as what these guys were going through….. They think they’re in good shape , and they have no idea once they get in here.”

So the word has been passed down to the newest Lions, get ready for the toughest practices you’ve every experienced. You wanted to play in the NFL, so now get ready.

In related news, the Lions said today that Detroit might only carry 3 quarterbacks in training camp. QB Matthew Stafford and newly acquired QB Shaun Hill are locks. Drew Stanton is projected as a project, so it will remain to be seen if any of the undrafted free agents at quarterback are able to unseat Stanton for the third quarterback position. Invited to this weekends rookie camp were Louisiana Tech’s Taylor Bennett, New Mexico QB Donovan Porterie and Eastern Michigan QB Andy Schmitt.

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