Dolphins Marshall Sits Out: Undisclosed Surgery

By Matt Gullette

Miami Dolphins receiver Brandon Marshall sat out of today’s OTA’s due to surgery on an undisclosed injury this off-season, which was one of many topics head coach Tony Sparano was asked about today.

You can watch Sparano’s entire press conference here.

Today’s practice was open to the public and afterwards coach Sparano held a brief press conference–sort of a meet and greet type thing. Most of it was just a formality, talking about how everyone’s glad to be back, ready for the season, injury updates and yada yada yada, but there were some highlights; one of them being Brandon Marshall’s undisclosed surgery (Update: which according to Chris Mortensen was a hip surgery).

Apparently this was something that Miami didn’t know about, and the extent of the injury is still unknown. Sparano said he didn’t know whether or not Marshall would participate in any of the team’s OTA’s this week, but he didn’t seem to to think he’s be back until training camp. He also didn’t seem too concerned about the injury or Marshall’s status in general. According to team sources, it’s nothing too serious. The way I see it, it’s just a slight kink in the Marshall Plan.

On the other hand Sparano did seem pleased with the way Marshall has handled himself with the media and his new teammates. He said Marshall has spent time at numerous team functions and events, including Ricky’s film premiere, and has spent a great deal of time developing some chemistry with Dolphin quarterback Chad Henne, both on and off the field.

All of that is good news so far; well, except for the surgery part.

The press also got a few minutes with Marshall after practice, which you can watch here, but weren’t able to get any more answers about his status or the surgery. He also didn’t clear up any of the jersey-number rumors, which have been hotter than the sweltering Miami heat. There is speculation, however, that he may go with #19, since that’s what he was wearing this afternoon. But like he said, it’s not “set in stone.”

The real story here is Marshall’s progress off the field. Is it just me or does B-Marsh seem like a completely new man already? I know the Parcells regime has a way of bringing that mentality out of troubled players, but it was really good to see that Marshall is integrating to the system (as he put it, “taking mental reps”) and acclimating with the guys–especially the receivers, whom he’s already formed a relationship with.

He’s also reportedly been spending a lot of time with Henne over lunch discussing the offensive playbook among other things. Marshall mentioned that he’s really impressed with the young quarterback’s accuracy, and he even seemed excited to be part of a team with a run-first attitude, saying that he couldn’t wait to get on the field with Ronnie, Ricky and the Miami Ground Machine.

Everything else will have to wait on his injury, which isn’t believed to be serious, but he certainly seems to be humbled in Miami. I don’t really know what I expected from Marshall, but he looks ages ahead of where he was at in Denver. Hopefully he can bring that same maturity when he does get on the field. At this rate, I have no doubt about it.

That’s pretty much it from today’s OTA’s. I won’t go into anymore details about the press conferences since I’ve posted the links, but it was definitely good to get back in the swing of things–feels like it’s football season again in South Florida.

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