Jared Allen Cuts His Hair-WHO CARES?

By ericschmidt

Minnesota Viking free spirit DE Jared Allen cut his hair. Stop the presses.

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He cut his hair because his soon to be wife requested it for his upcoming wedding. Big freaking deal. I saw 47 news stories related to Allen cutting his hair today. Did he send a Tweet? How about a Tweetpic at the barbershop? Has he updated his Facebook status? How many Mullet Militia T’s did he sell this week? Is he selling his hair on Ebay?

Allen has been quoted when speaking of his mullet cut, “The mullet isn’t just a hairdo. It’s definitely a lifestyle.” It’s what? Did he actually use the word hairdo? I thought that word went out with the Mary Tyler Moore Show.But I guess he can use whatever word he wants to, anyone who hunts with a 6 foot spear can get away with more than the average folk.

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