Miami Interested in Patrick Crayton?

By Matt Gullette

Since the Bill Parcells regime has taken over in Miami, the Dolphins have brought over a lot of the same mentality, coaches and even some of the players from the Dallas Cowboys.

Now, according to team sources, the Cowboys have recently contacted the Dolphins to gauge their interest in acquiring disgruntled receiver Patrick Crayton.

[picappgallerysingle id=”5431595″]Here’s the thing, if the Cowboys would have made that inquiry a couple months ago, Crayton would probably be working out with the Miami Dolphins as we speak. But now, it seems a little unnecessary, not to mention expensive.

While I do think Crayton is on the move, especially after Dallas drafted Dez Bryant in the first round, I don’t think the Dolphins have much interest in Dallas’ number three receiver considering the youth and depth they already have at the position (thanks to Brandon Marshall and up-and-comer Brian Hartline).

Plus, many think Patrick Turner, who was drafted out of USC last season, has a bright future in Miami’s passing attack.

On the other hand, a lot of people are talking about Crayton’s history with this Dolphins regime from their days in Dallas, and he reportedly had a great relationship with the Tuna. Crayton was ranked eighth in the NFL in yards per catch and ninth in punt returns in ’09, both qualities Miami might be interested in.

But according to the Miami Herald, the Dolphins probably wouldn’t go for a deal unless one of their top four receivers sustains a significant injury this summer (for instance, if Marshall’s injury is more serious than believed).

It also wouldn’t make sense unless Dallas accepts little in return or cuts him from a deal worth $2 million in 2010, which is unlikely to happen. Remember, the Cowboys still have that new stadium with it’s unnecessarily gigantic megatron to pay off.

That’s why I’m not buying this. Crazier things have happened, but I don’t think Crayton will be a Miami Dolphin this season. Not unless something drastic happens.

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