49ers Position Breakdown: Strong Safeties

By anthonycruz

Michael Lewis
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Lewis has to be the most underrated player on the 49ers. He has been productive his entire career and last year was no different. Even with an injury, he still managed 82 tackles and an interception. Lewis is better suited to play in the box; this doesn’t bode well with the 49ers because they are weak at the corner position. Basically if you can’t cover with your corners, you can’t afford to have a safety in the box to stop the run. The 49ers coaching staff has also said that they would like their safeties to mirror each other, Lewis wont be able to do that. It’s odd that a solid contributor like Lewis is on his way out even though he is still able to contribute. The 49er Faithful will hope that this is caused by a growth in talent by other players.

Taylor Mays

Lewis is the starter at the moment but he won’t be for long. Taylor Mays is a monster; he stands at about 6’2 and 230 pounds. He is built like a linebacker but runs like Chris Johnson. Mays will be great at some point, when is a matter of how quick of a study he is. That’s good news for the 49ers because the knock on Mays has never been his work ethic. He studies the game and works as hard as anybody. Most of his flaws come from a lack of knee bend, this affects his change of direction and his back peddle. Taylor Mays will be the defensive version of Vernon Davis within the next two years.

Players like Curtis Taylor and Reggie Smith also play strong safety, I didn’t put them on here because they are better suited to play free safety.

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