49ers: The Nolan Era's lasting effect.

By anthonycruz

If you follow NinersCentral you know that I like Mike Singletary, he gets the best out of his players and knows how to handle the media. Singletary has found success as the 49ers head coach going 13 and 12 so far. Considering the dire state that the 49ers were in before he took over, his record is impressive. As a coach Singletary is a fan’s favorite and is gaining respect with the media and his peers. It looks like he could be ready to take the 49ers to the playoffs this year, however he should be thanking somebody for his success. That person would be Mike Nolan.

When Nolan was hired as the 49ers head coach, he brought Mike Singletary along with him. At this point Singletary was the linebacker’s coach under Nolan with the Baltimore Ravens. Nolan made Singletary his assistant head coach and linebacker’s coach. This doesn’t sound like a big deal but at this point there weren’t many teams giving Singletary a chance at a promotion. This became even more prominent when the Rooney Rule was stringing Singletary along the league. In 2007 he interviewed with Dallas and San Diego; both teams already had plans in place in regards to their head coaching positions. So Nolan was the first to give Singletary a chance.

Another reason Iron Mike should thank the well-dressed Mike would be the players he left him with. While Nolan was running the team, he put together a pretty decent roster. Dashon Goldson, Frank Gore, P-Will, Vernon Davis, and Aubrayo Franklin are all players that Nolan had a hand in bringing to San Francisco. Nolan did a decent job picking out the groceries; it just took Singletary to cook them up.

Most 49ers fans have bought into what Coach Singletary is selling, however he was taught how to sell a fan base by one of the best to do it. Mike Nolan had the 49er fan base believing that he was their savior. He was able to convince the York’s that they should give a guy with no head coaching experience the keys to the franchise. It seems like Singletary has done the same thing.

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