How Hungry are the 49ers' Vets?

By anthonycruz

The last few years the 49ers have signed some impact free agents. These players would be Justin Smith, Nate Clements, and Takeo Spikes. These three guys have a few things in common. The first thing would be that they are all getting up there in age. All of these guys are right around 30 with Takeo being the oldest at 33. The next thing these guys all do is contribute. Nate Clements fell off a bit last year but overall has been a solid corner for the 49ers. Takeo isn’t the physical beast that he used to be but he does bring leadership and consistency to a group of young guys. As for Justin Smith, he has been a motor guy for the 49ers; he is constantly around the football and making tackles. The last thing these guys have in common is that they haven’t won anything yet. All three of these guys spent most of their careers on the Bengals or Bills and out of the playoffs. That brings me to the last thing these guys have in common, and that would be that this 49ers team might be their best and last chance at getting their Superbowl ring.

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