McNabb to Jackson closer to reality?

By ericschmidt

[picappgallerysingle id=”3166000″] writer Steve Wyche is reporting that Donovan McNabb is working out with disgruntled WR Vincent Jackson. The Chargers appear to be fueling the speculation that the Pro Bowler might be traded out of San Diego. Jackson would be a welcome addition to the Redskins but the cost will be high, with surrendering of draft picks and remember that Jackson’s agent has said publicly that they are looking for a deal which is roughly the same as what Miami Dolphins WR Brandon Marshall received.

Jackson is a seriously talented receiver but I don’t think he should command Marshall type money. The Redskins have serious needs at the receiver position and head coach Mike Shanahan loves Jackson. Do the Redskins send over the draft picks for Jackson? Will they pay the money Jackson is believed to be asking for?

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