Is Mike Vick Really That Dumb?

By ericschmidt

Just how dumb is Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick? Pretty damn dumb as far as I can tell. Robert Littal of broke a story yesterday afternoon that Mike Vick was going to be having another party, this time in Washington DC. Vick is two weeks removed from his last party for his birthday where a shooting occurred.

What was anyone thinking here? Were friends sitting around and came up, “Hey Mike I’ve got an idea, while we’re waiting for training camp to open, lets have another party man”. Brilliant idea. What could possibly go wrong at a 4th of July party? Let’s make it even better, and have it open to the public.

Now first off, was this idea thought of after the first incident? If so, Vick really has surrounded himself with some damned stupid people. Second, if this party was planned before the birthday party and the people promoting it thought it would be a good idea to go forward with this party? Vick sure has surrounded himself with some damned stupid people.

I can’t wait for Tony Dungy’s explanation of this escapade.

Mike Florio of PFT reports this morning that Vick wasn’t actually at the party.

Even if he wasn’t at the party, why would he move forward with the event? Why would he want his name associated something which had the potential to cause further problems for himself? Does he really think Roger Goodell is playing games? Does he really have any passion left to play football any more? Because his actions as of late seem to reflect that he really doesn’t seem to care about the consequences of his actions and his future in football.

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