Schobel Officially Removed From Bills' Roster

By williamgoodrich

All the talk of Aaron Schobel and his pending change to linebacker can cease to exist because Chan Gailey has made it official, the Bills will move on without him.

The 41st pick of the 2001 draft saw Schobel being sent to Buffalo, where he played his entire career. As a player, Schobel has been very feared over his ten year career, earning 78 sacks and being a part of 482 tackles. Over a ten year career that involved constant instability at multiple positions on the field, Schobel was a stabilizing force on the Bills’ defense.

The question I would like to ask you Bills’ fans is very simple, was it the right move? There are many obvious pros and cons of such a decision, but I think the answer is an obvious yes.

Now don’t hate me for carrying this opinion, but my thought is that Schobel simply was uninterested in making such a drastic change to a whole different position. With the lack of coverage play and never playing as a stand-up type player, Schobel would have struggled to make such a drastic change.

To the positives of Schobel’s retirement: Aaron Maybin has looked unbelievable in the outside linebacker position, the one that would have probably been occupied by Schobel. The younger and more athletic Maybin is learning to adapt to a more cover type role and he hasn’t disappointed thus far in training camp.

Also, with Schobel retired, the Bills’ defense continues to swell with young talent that is highly motivated. When I spoke with a few members of the Bills’ secondary, they expressed their pleasure with the younger members of their defense. Simply put, they said look for us to be a sleeper this year with a much improved defense in the upcoming seasons.

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