Now if I could only win the Lottery.....

By ericschmidt

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In less than 36 hours, the first pre season game will be played in Canton Ohio. The introductory preseason Hall of Fame game which this year features the Cincinnati Bengals going up against the Dallas Cowboys. As a football fan, this is the greatest time of the year. It’s a time when you were a child, you can equate to Thanksgiving. It’s a holiday, a special event, but you knew that inside of a month that Christmas was coming. Thanksgiving was a great holiday, getting to see family and friends, the food was great but you knew it was just 30 short days until the holiday season got really good.

This time of the year always makes me think of what has become a life long dream of mine. I would like to watch an NFL in every stadium during the course of the 17 week season. Oh, it’s doable, I’ve worked out the logistics in my mind a thousand times. Stadiums in the northeast would attract my first attention. New England, Buffalo, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Chicago would receive the first attention. Why? Snow. I despise cold weather, and if you think I’m going to Buffalo for a game in December, you are insane.

So the way I see this scenario playing out is that I catch a Sunday 1pm game, then fly out to a Sunday night 8pm game, and then catch the Monday night game. Foxboro on Sunday at 1, a New York game Sunday night then over to Philly or Pittsburgh for a Monday night game. You get the gist.

How cool would this be? I’d incorporate it into an NFL season long blog. Of course scheduling might be a problem as I would like to try to catch teams at their best team rivalries. Cowboys vs. Redskins, Eagles vs Giants, Raiders vs. anybody in the AFC West. Green Bay vs. Minnesota, Miami vs Jets, the list goes on and on.

Folks could follow along at home as I wrote about the experiences and tastes from the various stadiums. Yeah, I have it all played out in my mind, every last detail, the experience of a lifetime. Now if I could only win the lotto………….

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